“sixties elvis” versus “seventies elvis”

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THE QUESTION ON QUORA was “Which was better, 60s Elvis or 70s Elvis?” I was sur­prised to see that the first two an­swers were “70’s” as I can’t imagine any se­rious stu­dent of Pres­ley’s recorded output would prefer his de­clining years over his ma­ture middle years. Oh well, that’s why Wholly Grom­mett gave us free will and in­di­vidual taste.


is elvis’ “where no one stands alone” a groundbreaking new album?

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HAVING FUN WITH QUORA and the many questions—intelligent and otherwise—kept me from ad­dressing the latest re­lease with Elvis Pres­ley’s name and voice on it. It is an­other com­pi­la­tion fea­turing tracks doc­tored by pro­ducers and en­gi­neers to give decades-old vo­cals a ‘new sound.’ This one is a gospel set and it made an im­me­diate splash on the charts and in the media, es­pe­cially here in the States. READ MORE

I’ll be trying to get to you any day now (on elvis and soul)

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THE QUORA FORUM’S ques­tion and an­swer set-up has been keeping me busy of late. De­spite what people think about Elvis and the In­ternet, there seems to be an abiding in­terest in the man both per­son­ally and ar­tis­ti­cally. While some of the ques­tions are silly—some are just plumb dumb!—most READ MORE