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aloha from hawaii via misprinted cover art

I DON’T HAVE MUCH OF AN AR­TICLE to go with the awk­wardly ti­tled “Aloha From Hawaii Via Mis­printed Cover Art.” For now, I wanted to make this image avail­able to fans and col­lec­tors so they can see a real rarity among Elvis records: a mis­printed LP album jacket without any text on the front cover! [Read more] “aloha from hawaii via misprinted cover art”

Elvis AlohaFromHawaii photo on stage 1500 crop

wikipedian boners about elvis and “steamroller blues”

TAKING WIKIPEDIA TO TASK for the seem­ingly end­less number of mis­takes in their pop music en­tries is like shooting the prover­bial moose in a barrel. I could even make it a daily en­deavor and turn this blog into a non-stop rant about Wikipedian boners. For­tu­nately, that does not in­terest me—at least, at this time. [Read more] “wikipedian boners about elvis and “steamroller blues””

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elvis can sweat it out but we cannot burn mick jagger!

SHINE A LIGHT is a doc­u­men­tary movie about the Rolling Stones di­rected by Martin Scorsese, and we were watching it for the second time. Like the first time, we bor­rowed the DVD from the li­brary and watched it with a late dinner. In the first few min­utes of the film, some­thing caught my at­ten­tion in a way it hadn’t the first time and sud­denly I was thinking about Elvis.  [Read more] “elvis can sweat it out but we cannot burn mick jagger!”