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cybill shepherd gives elvis a little heads up

MOTLEY NEWS IS A WEBSITE that fea­tures cur­rent news, sto­ries of in­terest, humor, and photography—”a motley of what’s in the news today!” On May 24, 2012, they ran a fea­ture ti­tled “Wikipedia’s Lamest Edit Wars.” While the ar­ticle was un­cred­ited, all the an­swers given to the var­ious com­ments were cred­ited to Michelle at Motley News. [Continue reading]

Elvis NDJ 1500 colorized

country music fans were always divided on elvis

IN A RECENT ARTICLE, I broke Elvis fandom down into sev­eral dis­tinct groups, or gen­er­a­tions. In re­sponse, John Ross (over­seer of The Round Place In The Middle web­site) posted a pair of ob­ser­va­tions in the Com­ment Sec­tion. I started to an­swer his points in that sec­tion, but re­al­ized that I had a bit to say on the sub­jects. [Continue reading]