the real answer to “what was elvis presley’s first album?”

Elvis 1956 photo Robertson 1500 crop

TODAY’S QUORA QUESTION is “What was Elvis Pres­ley’s first album?” Everyone who knows much of any­thing about Elvis thinks they know the an­swer: LPM-1254 with Red Robert­son’s iconic pho­to­graph of Elvis in 1955. But that’s not the ac­tual an­swer, as anyone who knows more than much-of-anything-about-Elvis re­al­izes. READ MORE

(can anyone say) what was elvis’ single greatest performance?

BobDylan Hawks onstage 1966 1500 crop

THE PLUS OF QUORA is that it gives me prompts for a se­ries of an­swers there that I can turn into short ar­ti­cles here. There’s nothing like a blog being con­stantly fed fresh con­tent to keep readers and search en­gines happy! The minus of Quora is that it keeps me from other, lengthier projects, some of which have been gath­ering vir­tual dust for some time. READ MORE

elvis understood that the beatles were the new idols in 1965

Elvis Beatles SlaanHunSlag 1964 1500

THIS TIME THE QUESTION ON QUORA was “Did Elvis feel threat­ened when the Bea­tles met him?” I guess that’s a rea­son­able ques­tion, es­pe­cially from a younger person who didn’t live through the times when a pop artists’ ca­reer was mea­sured in months, not years. But I took on the Her­culean labor of pro­viding a rea­son­able an­swer. READ MORE