something private about elvis presley the man

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FORTY-TWO IS TODAY’S NUMBER. Forty-two years ago, Elvis Presley died at the age of 42. There will be fit­ting trib­utes to his mu­sical and cul­tural legacy all over the in­ternet, all around the planet, all through the weekend. Lawdy Miss Clawdy, but there should be lots of his music being played every­where you go. So I thought I would offer some­thing non-musical, some­thing quiet, some­thing more pri­vate about Elvis Presley the man — not Elvis Presley the recording and movie star. READ MORE

what was elvis like in person? (like the rest of us, only a few know)

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TWO QUORA QUESTIONS an­swered in one day, both about Elvis. (Check out the pre­vious post on this site’s front page for the first ques­tion and my an­swer.) The ques­tion this time was,“What was Elvis Presley like in person?” This is a dif­fi­cult ques­tion to an­swer for those of us who did not know the man per­son­ally during his life. READ MORE

return of the rockahula baby

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SOMEWHERE IN THE PAST, someone gave me the nick­name of the “Price Guide Guru,” be­cause my first books for O’­Sul­livan Wood­side were the most ac­cu­rate price guides the record col­lecting field had seen. I have long for­gotten who as­signed it to me, but I have used it on and off ever since, both in pieces that I con­tributed to Gold­mine mag­a­zine and in the com­men­tary sec­tions of my books. READ MORE

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