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elvis talks to his many fans (epa-4325, elvis sails)

ELVIS EN­TERED THE ARMY as a buck pri­vate on March 24, 1958, at the draft board in Mem­phis, Ten­nessee. Pri­vate Presley took a bus to Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, tem­porarily halting his ca­reer as a recording artist and movie actor for the next two years. And what was RCA Victor to do during that time? [Read more] “elvis talks to his many fans (epa-4325, elvis sails)”

elvis and the illuminating turntable

AN ELVIS REISSUE may be one of the rarest and most valu­able Elvis records of the past fifty years. Or, it may be an­other fake col­lectible de­serving no better status than that of a cleverly-made-yet-unnecessary bootleg. And it’s tied in with a fooked-up but very in­ter­esting pic­ture cover and—get this—an il­lu­mi­nating turntable! [Read more] “elvis and the illuminating turntable”