about those electronically reprocessed stereo albums

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ELECTRONICALLY REPROCESSED STEREO. What is it and why do so many Elvis fans hate it? And what is “rechan­neled stereo” and Duo­phonic stereo and why does everyone hate them, too? Be­fore ad­dressing these ques­tions, I want to men­tion a few things about stereo records. Most people—including music his­to­rians and record collectors—take stereo for granted, but it has a lengthy and in­ter­esting past. READ MORE

from nashville to memphis with heaven in between

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THE FIRST DELUXE ELVIS boxed compact-disc set was KING OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL – THE COMPLETE 50’s MASTERS, is­sued in 1992 to great fan­fare. It con­tained five discs that fea­tured the com­plete studio record­ings of Presley from 1954-1958. More than 100 record­ings in gen­uine, hon­est­ta­gawd mono seemed like a gift from Heaven!

The set also in­cluded an in­for­ma­tive booklet with an ac­cu­rate ses­sionog­raphy and an in­tel­li­gent bi­o­graph­ical essay.  READ MORE

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