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the audacity of elvis presley claiming songwriting credit!

DID ELVIS WRITE ANY OF HIS SONGS? Well, yes, he did have a hand in com­posing a few of his lesser-known songs in the ’60s, but that’s not what this ar­ticle is about. It’s his name on such hits as Don’t Be Cruel, Love Me Tender, and All Shook Up that we will ad­dress here. [Continue reading]

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who gave elvis his big break in show business?

THE QUESTION IS OLD: “Who gave (fill-in-the-blank) her big break in country music?” or “Who gave (fill-in-the-blank) his big break in the major leagues?” Those ques­tions are asked about singers and bands and base­ball and bas­ket­ball players, among others. It usu­ally comes from someone who has never been a big suc­cess in any field of en­deavor, let alone ones as de­manding as en­ter­tain­ment and sports. [Continue reading]