was elvis more famous than you-know-who?

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HOW FAMOUS WAS ELVIS? That was the ques­tion on Quora. Once upon a time, that it was fairly easy to an­swer: Ac­cording to Jerry Hop­kins, whose Elvis – A Bi­og­raphy (1971) was the first bi­og­raphy of the man, a global survey showed that more people in the world rec­og­nized Elvis by his first (or given) name—and that in­cluded you-know-who!—than READ MORE

just how bloody famous is elvis presley?

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THE QUESTION ON QUORA was “How fa­mous was Elvis?” How does one ad­dress that ques­tion? As­sume the person who posed it is very young and only knows Elvis by name and doesn’t want to do any re­search, or as­sume the ques­tioner is having a lark to see what kind of re­sponse he could elicit?

Of course, I had to try my hand at sup­plying an an­swer, which you will find in­dented be­tween the im­ages below:


This is the pic­ture sleeve for Do The Clam / You’ll Be Gone that RCA Victor re­leased in Italy in 1965. READ MORE

I don’t get what so many people see in elvis presley!

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IT’S QUORA QUESTION TIME and the ques­tion was “Was Elvis Presley as tal­ented as people por­tray him to be?” I’m afraid that I have little or no truck with—and isn’t that a won­derful idiom, “have no truck with?” (look it up here)—ques­tions of this na­ture, but I took what I hope is the po­lite and hu­morous ap­proach in an­swering it. READ MORE

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