super rare version of 1957 elvis album found!

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WHEN RCA VICTOR STRUCK GOLD with Elvis in 1956, the only medium that mat­tered to the people most likely to buy his records was the 45 rpm single. In the first twelve months after signing Presley in No­vember 1955, the record com­pany re­leased an un­be­liev­able six­teen sin­gles in the United States! These 45 and 78 rpm records sold over 12,000,000 copies, with ap­prox­i­mately 90% of those sales being 45s. READ MORE

I got a lot o’ livin’ to do (to make it fun it takes two)

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THERE IS A MEMORABLE SCENE in the 2006 movie Little Miss Sun­shine that takes place in the family Volk­swagen van. The grand­fa­ther gives some unasked-for ‘life ad­vice’ to his grandson. I won’t re­peat the ad­vice; see the movie. But it’s great ad­vice about how to make it fun it takes two (of course it’s coarse). I have al­ready be­stowed its wisdom on younger humans—male and female—who asked ap­pro­priate ‘life ques­tions’ of me. READ MORE

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