when elvis was a top-secret agent for the cia

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I HAVE BEEN DISTRACTED OF LATE, working on my pub­li­ca­tion on Medium, Tell It Like It Was. I have also been spending a lot of time working on the in­ternal work­ings of my web­sites. I re­placed a few plu­gins and jet­ti­soned a few others. When you call up this one you may no­tice that it loads a hell of a lot faster than it ever has. READ MORE

elvis’ final four movies and their soundtracks

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ELVIS PRESLEY’S LEGACY as both a recording artist and an actor seems to sug­gest that he had his head buried so far up his own be­hind during the ’60s that he didn’t no­tice that the times they were a-changing. But his final four movies and their sound­tracks sug­gest oth­er­wise.

Ac­tu­ally, he was far too as­tute not to have been aware—the lack of re­sponse by him aes­thet­i­cally was prob­ably more a com­bi­na­tion of things, such as:

• fear
• lethargy
• in­ertia
• in­dif­fer­ence

By in­dif­fer­ence I mean that things were not as bad as they may have seemed at the time to we fans and his­to­rians re­viewing those years ret­ro­spec­tively. READ MORE

saying something stupid like “elvis was a dumb hick”

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EXCEPT FOR A FEW IDJITS, there is near uni­versal recog­ni­tion and ac­cep­tance of the ge­nius and wonder that was the Bea­tles from 1962 through 1970. Making a snide re­mark about the artistic and com­mer­cial achieve­ments of John Paul George & Ringo, or saying some­thing stupid about their place at the top­per­most of the rock & roll totem pole, will guar­antee that few will ever take your ut­ter­ances se­ri­ously again! READ MORE

at the crossroads: on being an elvis fan in 1968 when all appeared lost

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AS A SYMBOL OF POTENCY, by 1968 Elvis Presley was per­ceived by many as being, um, flaccid. His records had lost any sem­blance of al­le­giance to—or even recog­ni­tion of—the pas­sion and fervor of its country and blues roots. The sound­track music he had been recording for the req­ui­site three movies per year owed more to “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window” than to Big Boy Crudup or Hank Williams. READ MORE

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