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elvis as don juan, cad, and womanizer (but not a hound dog)

THE PRI­VATE LIVES of other human be­ings rarely in­terest me. This in­cludes the people I deal with every day along with the people I enjoy as artists, ath­letes, en­ter­tainers, and even politi­cians. Con­se­quently, I don’t read many bi­ogra­phies and rarely write about peo­ple’s lifestyles. 1

When I write bi­o­graph­i­cally about a mu­si­cian on my Rather Rare Records blog, their sex lives or the drugs they used only in­terest me to the de­gree that it af­fected their music and cre­ativity. [Read more] “elvis as don juan, cad, and womanizer (but not a hound dog)”

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elvis understood that the beatles were the new idols in 1965

THIS TIME THE QUES­TION ON QUORA was “Did Elvis feel threat­ened when the Bea­tles met him?” I guess that’s a rea­son­able ques­tion, es­pe­cially from a younger person who didn’t live through the times when a pop artists’ ca­reer was mea­sured in months, not years. But I took on the Her­culean labor of pro­viding a rea­son­able answer. [Read more] “elvis understood that the beatles were the new idols in 1965”

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cybill shepherd gives elvis a little heads up

MOTLEY NEWS IS A WEB­SITE that fea­tures cur­rent news, sto­ries of in­terest, humor, and photography—“a motley of what’s in the news today!” On May 24, 2012, they ran a fea­ture ti­tled “Wikipedia’s Lamest Edit Wars.” While the ar­ticle was un­cred­ited, all the an­swers given to the var­ious com­ments were cred­ited to Michelle at Motley News. [Read more] “cybill shepherd gives elvis a little heads up”

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from burbank to graceland to facebook

WELL, BLESS MY SOUL, what’s wrong with me? As a writer (someone who writes), I’ve been itchin’ like a man on a fuzzy tree for some time, hence my com­pul­sive posting in my three blogs. I have posted 800,000 words in just three years on my three sites: Neal Umphred Dot Com, Rather Rare Records, and Elvis – A Touch Of Gold. [Read more] “from burbank to graceland to facebook”

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“if I can dream” album sales passes million mark in the uk

EVERY FEW YEARS the folks in charge of Elvis Pres­ley’s record­ings ei­ther get it right or just get lucky with their han­dling of the archival ma­te­rial. The big one was 30 #1 HITS, which hit #1 on the Bill­board LP chart in 2002. It sold over 5,000,000 units in the US and at least that many more world­wide, making it one of the best-selling Elvis Presley al­bums ever released! [Read more] ““if I can dream” album sales passes million mark in the uk”