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did rca release other versions of elvis’ songs to compete with elvis’ records?

DID RCA RELEASE OTHER VERSIONS ofMystery Train’ and ‘I Forgot To Remember To Forget’ by other Victor artists at the same time they released Elvis Presley’s versions of those songs as his first RCA record?” Why would they do that? Were they hedging their $40,000 bet on purchasing the contract of the fledgling singer? [Read more] “did rca release other versions of elvis’ songs to compete with elvis’ records?”

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rca victor cartoon picture sleeves of the ’50s

FOR A SHORT TIME IN 1955-1956, RCA Victor manufactured a series of cartoon picture sleeves for 45 rpm records. Each sleeve had a “This Is His Life” theme that summed up the artist’s life in a few comic strip-like panels. These sleeves were probably shipped to radio stations to catch the attention of the DJs. [Read more] “rca victor cartoon picture sleeves of the ’50s”

elvis and the illuminating turntable

AN ELVIS REISSUE may be one of the rarest and most valuable Elvis records of the past fifty years. Or, it may be another fake collectible deserving no better status than that of a cleverly-made-yet-unnecessary bootleg. And it’s tied in with a fooked-up but very interesting picture cover and—get this—an illuminating turntable! [Read more] “elvis and the illuminating turntable”