if you don’t get elvis by now, you probably never will

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ANOTHER DAY, an­other ques­tion about Elvis on Quora needing a sane an­swer. And there are a lot of ques­tions about Elvis. This one was “What was it about Elvis that cap­ti­vated his mil­lions of fans?” First please no­tice that the person who asked the ques­tion placed it in the past tense, which I ad­dressed. READ MORE

elvis as don juan, cad, and womanizer (but not a hound dog)

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THE PRIVATE LIVES of other human be­ings rarely in­terest me. This in­cludes the people I deal with every day along with the people I enjoy as artists, ath­letes, en­ter­tainers, and even politi­cians. Con­se­quently, I don’t read many bi­ogra­phies and rarely write about peo­ple’s lifestyles. 1

When I write bi­o­graph­i­cally about a mu­si­cian on my Rather Rare Records blog, their sex lives or the drugs they used only in­terest me to the de­gree that it af­fected their music and cre­ativity. READ MORE

(can anyone say) what was elvis’ single greatest performance?

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THE PLUS OF QUORA is that it gives me prompts for a se­ries of an­swers there that I can turn into short ar­ti­cles here. There’s nothing like a blog being con­stantly fed fresh con­tent to keep readers and search en­gines happy! The minus of Quora is that it keeps me from other, lengthier projects, some of which have been gath­ering vir­tual dust for some time. READ MORE

is elvis’ “where no one stands alone” a groundbreaking new album?

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HAVING FUN WITH QUORA and the many questions—intelligent and otherwise—kept me from ad­dressing the latest re­lease with Elvis Pres­ley’s name and voice on it. It is an­other com­pi­la­tion fea­turing tracks doc­tored by pro­ducers and en­gi­neers to give decades-old vo­cals a ‘new sound.’ This one is a gospel set and it made an im­me­diate splash on the charts and in the media, es­pe­cially here in the States. READ MORE

was elvis’ popularity rising or waning at the time of his death?

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THIS TIME, the ques­tion on Quora al­lowed me room to spec­u­late some­thing that, un­like so so many others, I just do not like doing. For one reason, just like so so many others, my spec­u­la­tion is so often in­ac­cu­rate. De­spite my love of sci­ence fic­tion literature—esoecaiily time travel stories—thinking about what might have been, or making pre­dic­tions based on what cur­rently is, usu­ally holds no at­trac­tion for me. READ MORE

elvis understood that the beatles were the new idols in 1965

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THIS TIME THE QUESTION ON QUORA was “Did Elvis feel threat­ened when the Bea­tles met him?” I guess that’s a rea­son­able ques­tion, es­pe­cially from a younger person who didn’t live through the times when a pop artists’ ca­reer was mea­sured in months, not years. But I took on the Her­culean labor of pro­viding a rea­son­able an­swer. READ MORE

I’ll be trying to get to you any day now (on elvis and soul)

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THE QUORA FORUM’S ques­tion and an­swer set-up has been keeping me busy of late. De­spite what people think about Elvis and the In­ternet, there seems to be an abiding in­terest in the man both per­son­ally and ar­tis­ti­cally. While some of the ques­tions are silly—some are just plumb dumb!—most READ MORE

I don’t get what so many people see in elvis presley!

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IT’S QUORA QUESTION TIME and the ques­tion was “Was Elvis Presley as tal­ented as people por­tray him to be?” I’m afraid that I have little or no truck with—and isn’t that a won­derful idiom, “have no truck with?” (look it up here)—ques­tions of this na­ture, but I took what I hope is the po­lite and hu­morous ap­proach in an­swering it. READ MORE