where were you when I needed you?

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YOU MAY ASK YOUR­SELF, “Where were you when I needed you?” The “you” being me, and just where the hell have I been these past few weeks? Well, due to tac­tical er­rors at my end, cer­tain func­tions of my web­sites ceased func­tioning for that time! Said er­rors were caused by me somehow thinking that I could im­prove cer­tain as­pects of the func­tion­ality of said sites!

These er­rors ap­par­ently in­cluded the failure of the pre­vious au­to­matic no­tices sent to my sub­scribers alerting them to new ar­ti­cles posted here on Elvis – A Touch Of Gold. Said no­tices were not sent, and I failed to notice!

I have been so busy messing around with re­placing the Word­Press Jet­pack suite of fea­tures with in­di­vidual plugins—which took up waaay too much time in re­search and trial-and-erroring—that I haven’t posted a lot of new ma­te­rial lately.

I fi­nally no­ticed the lack of these no­ti­fi­ca­tions being shipped, along with sev­eral other site-wide mal­func­tions. I had to re­store Jet­pack and now every­thing should be hunkydory.


Al­though the lyrics barely make sense here, I chose one of my fav­er­avest records of the ’60s as this post’s title and in­cluded three farout ver­sions for your lis­tening pleasure.


In fact, I kept a few of the al­ter­na­tives plu­gins and my sites should be even hunky­dorier than they were before.

But I babble . . .

Sub­scribers are re­ceiving this point­less piece of said bab­bling as their first no­ti­fi­ca­tion in weeks that A Touch Of Gold is alive and well in the Lala­land of the In­ternet universe.

As an apology, here are three ver­sions of the P.F. Sloan — Steve Barri song Where Were You When I Needed You . . .


Sloan and Barri wrote Where Were You When I Needed You for Her­man’s Her­mits in late 1965, which they recorded for the sound­track album to their movie Hold On! Sloan and Barri as­sumed it would be the Her­mits’ next hit single in early ’66, es­pe­cially after the group’s suc­cess with their pre­vious Sloan and Barri single, A Must To Avoid

But Her­man’s Her­mits chose not to re­lease Where Were You When I Needed You as a single! So Sloan and Barri recorded the song with a bunch of El Lay studio mu­si­cians and re­leased it as a single later in ’66 cred­ited to the non-existent Grass Roots and had a jus­ti­fi­able hit!

You’re NOT a subscriber?!!?

So, if you are a sub­scriber to this site, you should con­tinue re­ceiving email no­ti­fi­ca­tions of new post­ings just as you had been be­fore my messing around with Jet­pack!

For those of you have read this far but aren’t a sub­scriber, what in tar­na­tion are you waiting for?

Life’s short!

There is a sub­scrip­tion from in the top por­tion of the sidebar on the right side of this page.

Get thee hence . . .



Alas, Elvis never recorded a ver­sion of Where Were You When I Needed You, but the Ban­gles did! So to wrap things up, here are the never-bashful Ban­gles with their groovy ver­sion of Where Were You When I Needed You from their first long-player (1984).



FEA­TURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page is from the re­hearsals that Elvis and his band held at the In­ter­na­tional Hotel in 1970 in prepa­ra­tion for the up­coming shows, which were being filmed for the doc­u­men­tary Elvis – That’s The Way It Is.



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