elvis on stage together with david bowie

Es­ti­mated reading time is 1 minute.MY TRIBUTE TO DAVID BOWIE was an ac­count of how and when I was trans­formed from a Bowie-hater to a Bowie-lover in 1975. I ti­tled it “Just How Did David Bowie Af­fect Your Con­scious­ness and posted it on my Rather Rare Records site last week. It had taken a few days to write it, as I was un­pre­pared for Bowie’s passing.

While searching for im­ages of Bowie for the ar­ti­cle’s fea­tured image, I came across this clever photo. It’s been ma­nip­u­lated to give us an image of Bowie-as-Elvis on stage to­gether in the ’70s. And so I have an ex­cuse to place this link to the Bowie tribute here on Elvis – A Touch Of Gold!


FEA­TURED IMAGE: I found this bit of cre­ativity on the David Bowie as Everyone web­site, where there are many more such playful images, al­though few are as good as this one. And yes, the head is a wee big for the body, but it’s the thought that counts . . .


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